White Bantam Silkie - 25 + Chicks

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Hatch Dates: April-August 2022

Minimum quantity: 25

This breed is a true Bantam Silkie Asian Broiler, traditionally raised for meat production in Asia and desirable for specialty meat markets and high-end restaurants. They will reach an average live weight of 3.5 lbs in 12-15 weeks.

With black skin, black bones, green to bluish-black earlobes, and very dark meat, this variety plucks easily and has a refined taste and texture.

The White Bantam Silkie originates from an ancient breed line. Known as a rather unusual variety, the White Bantam Silkies are widely regarded for their docile disposition, and attentiveness to their offspring. For this reason, Silkies can set on their own eggs and hatch their own chicks at a very respectable rate. They will even set on other birds' eggs and hatch them.
Females will lay between 90-120 cream-colored eggs per year.

Roughly half of the birds will have top crest, and the other half will not. This is because of cross-breeding.

If you are looking for a rather unusual variety, try the White Bantam Silkie. Sold as straight run only.

Chicks are predominantly white. On occasion, other chick colors may be present, however due to the infrequency of different colors, no color choices or substitutions will be allowed.

*This breed will not breed true if crossed*

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