White Leghorn (Pullets/Females) - 25+ chicks

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Hatch Dates: February-August 2022

Minimum order quantity: 5 (may be combined with any other egg layer variety to meet minimum shipping quantity of 25 chicks)

The White Leghorn is considered to be one of the most recognizable and well-known breeds for most poultry farmers. This breed is a favorite of many!

A hardy and steady egg layer, the White Leghorn has stood the test of time. We are proud to now offer our own White Leghorn. Give them a try, we think you will like them!

• An excellent egg-layer
• 290 +eggs per year
• 50 percent production at week 20
• Peak production 93-95 percent
• Excellent feed conversion ratio
• Easy to manage, calm disposition
• Excellent shell strength
• Has been bred to adapt to different conditions, allowing them to produce well in housing or to thrive on free range.

Available as feather sexed pullet chicks or cockerel chicks.

*This breed will not breed true if crossed*

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