Heavy Breed (Cockerels/Males/Rooster) 25+

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Hatch Dates: February-August 2022

Frypan Special!

Minimum order quantity: 25

Need an awesome assortment of colorful heavy breed cockerels, suitable for meat production? Give our Frypan Special a try!

We have reduced the price on our best heavy breed cockerels. In this pack will be a mixture of Barred Rock, Blue Sapphire Plymouth Rock, ColorPack, Dominant Copper and Rhode Island Red cockerel chicks. These breeds stand tall, and have a very long keel, with a lot of leg and thigh meat, making them the perfect choice for very cost effective meat production. Typically these breeds will reach 6-7 lbs liveweight in 16-18 weeks.

Give our Frypan Special a try!