Broad Breasted Black

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Hatch Dates: March-August 2022*

Minimum quantity: 5 (may be combined with any other turkey variety to meet minimum shipping quantity of 10 poults)

Black turkeys are a striking addition to our hatchery line-up. They have a deep, dark, coloration that makes them one of a kind. 

Black turkeys originated in Mexico and were taken to England in the 16th Century where they gained popularity with the local farmers. The early colonists took them to the New World to raise for food. The turkey consumed at the first Thanksgiving just might have been a Black turkey, rather than a native wild turkey.

Our Broad Breasted Black turkey, is a hybrid breed, and will reach 20-22 lbs live weight in about 16-18 weeks.

TOMS - Live: 27.17; Dressed: 20.38
HENS - Live: 17.15; Dressed: 12.86