Dominant Copper (Pullets/Females) - 1-9 Chicks

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Alaska • Hatch Dates: January-June 2021*

Any quantity may be combined with any other egg layer variety to meet the minimum combined pickup quantity of 1 to 9 chicks.

Anchorage, Eagle River, Mat-Su pickup only.

This unique breed, imported from the Czech Republic, is a proprietary high production cross between a Black Copper Maran male and a Barred Rock female. With a feather color that displays its Black Copper Maran heritage, this breed forages well. It will produce an impressive 290+ large copper-to-dark chocolate-colored eggs per calendar year, which is exceptional for a breed that lays dark eggs.

Some birds will have feathered feet, while others will not. This is a byproduct of cross-breeding.

Throughout the lifespan of this breed, egg color will transform. You can expect to receive some very dark colored eggs but may also receive lighter colored brown eggs from time to time. The range of color shades is part of what makes this variety so unique!

The Dominant Copper is an excellent balance of beautiful eggs and efficiency.

Color sexable, and available as sexed pullet chicks or cockerel chicks.

*This breed will not breed true if crossed*