ISA Brown (Pullets/Females) - 25+ chicks

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Hatch Dates: February-August 2022

Minimum order quantity: 5 (may be combined with any other egg layer variety to meet minimum shipping quantity of 25 chicks)

The ISA Brown is a hybrid Red Sex-Link. Like the Novogen, this variety originated in France, from a cross between Rhode Island Red and Leghorn genetics.

This bird will lay a large to extra-large dark brown egg. Average production to 76 weeks of lay is approximately 320 eggs.

This variety is commonly referred to under other names as well, such as the Golden Comet, Red Star, or simply a Red Sex-Link. Most people are most familiar with this variety of Red Sex-Link, due to its relatively lengthy history and reputation.

Available as color sexed pullets or cockerel chicks.

*This breed will not breed true if crossed*

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