Jackie Red Ranger 25+

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Hatch Dates: February-August 2022

Minimum quantity: 5 (may be combined with any other broiler variety, to meet the minimum quantity of 25 broiler chicks) 

The Jackie Red Ranger is a bird that does it all. It has a good growth rate and feed conversion, great livability, and a 70% live-to-dressed weight yield. The breast meat on a long keel is in natural proportion to the leg meat. With yellow skin, shanks, and beak, this heritage bird is hard to pass up. The Jackie Red Ranger has strong legs, a dark red feather color, with black feathered wingtips and tail feathers. This versatile bird is an excellent forager well suited for any environment. Average weight for females: 5.74 lbs, average weight for males: 7.48 lbs. at 83 days.

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