NOVOgen White (Cockerels/Males/Rooster) - 25+ chicks

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Hatch Dates: February-August 2022

Minimum order quantity: 5 (may be combined with any other egg layer variety to meet minimum shipping quantity of 25 chicks)

The NOVOgen White is a commercial production stock White Leghorn. This particular breed has been developed in France, and is derived from a cross between two White Leghorn lines. The NOVOgen White is an exceptional white egg-layer which produces a large to extra large white egg. This is our absolute highest egg producer!

This breed rivals the Lohmann White, and Hy-line White lines

• A prolific egg-layer
• Estimated 397 eggs in 72 weeks of lay, ~315 +eggs per year
• 50 percent production at week 20
• Peak production 93-95 percent
• Excellent feed conversion ratio
• Easy to manage, calm disposition
• Excellent shell strength
• Has been bred to adapt to different conditions, allowing them to produce well in housing or to thrive on free-range.

Available as feather-sexed pullet chicks or cockerel chicks.

*This breed will not breed true if crossed*

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